How to cure gingivitis with home remedies

The buildup of plaque on our teeth product of poor oral hygiene, usually results in gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums that causes bleeding and discomfort. Although in the first instance gingivitis can be treated without causing greater evils, if left untreated could lead to serious dental conditions such as periodontitis or falling teeth. So in we… Read More »

Factors provoking Gingivitis and mouth diseases

Plaque and tarter layer forming under the gum line can cause infection and Gingivitis. The gums bleed and swell and ultimately the patient feels irritation and inflammation in the mouth. The plaque accumulates on the teeth and gums due to the mouth bacteria and transforms into sticky tartar if it is not cleared off in early stages.The Gingivitis… Read More »

How Gingivitis is caused?

The gum inflammation or Gingivitis is a periodontal disease caused due to bacterial growth under the gum line. If it is not prevented or properly treated, it can cause gum bleeding, tissue erosion and ultimately teeth loosening. How Gingivitis is caused? The periodontitis disease or Gingivitis is caused due to the bacteria in the plaque that builds up in the… Read More »

How to A common periodontal disease is Gingivitis

How to get rid of Gingivitis A common periodontal disease is Gingivitis in which inflammation and redness causes irritation and pain to the patient.Gingivitis or gum inflammationis induced due to the formation of the plaque film under the gum line, when food particles are not cleaned out properly. The Gingivitis should be cured promptly and in a right… Read More »

How to Get Rid of Gingivitis

  Gum disease or Gingivitis is a common teeth and mouth infection which is generally caused due to the improper cleaning of the gums and the teeth. If effective teeth care measures are not observed, then gums can swell and cause pain to the patient. To get rid of gum disease, the patient has to consult a dentist… Read More »